Terms and Conditions

Prices include VAT.
Once you make your payment and we receive the receipt, we will contact you via Instagram WhatsApp to process the shipment.
The available means are: transfer or deposit and Paypal, we do not have SINPE Móvil.
If you order a product, the payment period is 24 hours, if proof of payment is not received within that time, the product will be returned to inventory and availability is not guaranteed.

Orders will be shipped within a maximum of 3 business days after receipt of proof of payment. In case you need it before, contact us and we will surely solve it.
Shipments are processed through Correos de Costa Rica, the cost is $ 6 within the GAM, $ 7 outside the GAM for packages weighing less than one kilogram. For heavier packages, $ 2 is added for each extra kilo.
They can also be picked up at our premises, by appointment.

By policy, we do not make money refunds or merchandise exchanges unless it is an error on the part of Monteverde Stones.
Each case is particular and will be considered individually. Even if, as an exception, a return or exchange of merchandise is made, the change will only be accepted if the product is in perfect condition and with the corresponding label. The costs associated with the shipping and logistics of the change will be borne by the customer.
From the moment you indicate that you want to purchase a product, Monteverde Stones will provide 24 hours to receive proof of payment, if it is not received within this period of time, the product will be returned to inventory.